Oceanside Jewish Center

Hempstead Town Board members voted unanimously on Tuesday the 9th to reject the rezoning of a lot owned by the Oceanside Jewish Center (OJC) for business that would have been developed into an assisted living facility, had the vote passed. The land was and will remain zoned for single family housing.

The OJC sits on four acres of land, and roughly two and a half acres were on the table for rezoning. The OJC has been experiencing decreasing membership for a long period now and was hoping to sell some of their land in order to keep the OJC open…

The recent snow in New York has created countless problems for Nassau County residents and government services, causing roads to be unsafe, creating delays in mail delivery, and causing confusion and cancellations when it comes to waste removal services.

The town of Hempstead cancelled trash collection twice this year, according to John Conroy, Commissioner of Sanitation for Hempstead. “It’s more than usual because we haven’t had weather like this in years,” Conroy said. Conroy has been with the sanitation department for decades now and became the commissioner in 2019. …

Robert Kinnaird

Multimedia Editor and Business Manager at the Hofstra Chronicle — covering local stories on Long Island

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